Flowers will always remember Spring.

They have the urge to bloom, and they will bloom when the time is calling.

Delicate and fragile, yet they bravely surrender to the song of the rhythm and the inevitable lights and darks of being. They gracefully fall and let themselves buried by the curse of the dark months, trusting the rule of the Nature without frantically searching for distractions and a quick fix. They are willing to go ‘there’, loving the time to bloom with ecstatic joy and respecting the time to die with humility.

May this dance always stay within our bones.

ZRH 11/5/16




I promise you dear family, having an ugly duckling in the house is a blessing.

His path is longwinded, full of dead ends, spiral and not linear, but he will show you the secret that goes beyond the day-to-day realm.

He enchants you with never ending stories that carries you to a part of your own world that you have forgotten.

He is ridiculed and unseen, but he sees things that are overlooked by most people.

He sees magic that lies behind the ordinary things.

And above all, he listens to what is not being said.

ZRH 16/2/16